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the cool hunter: world’s most creative office environments

January 5, 2011

I’ve been scouring The Cool Hunter for inspiration as of late. Self-described as “the world’s most-read culture and design site,” just a few moments wandering its content-packed pages would have you believe that. Bill Tikos, its formidable founder, compiled a book in 2008 chronicling what he considers the hippest, edgiest, coolest, and most luxurious places to stay on the planet.

Now Tikos and his team are back in research mode for their next project, and one that has me very excited: The World’s Most Creative Office Environments.

cool offices, cool hunter, style, edgy offices, office design

I’m pretty sure I’ve linked to bits of this blog before, but I never took the time to truly dig through The Cool Hunter’s offices section – until now. Really, there are too many incredible spaces to choose only one to spotlight. Besides, The Cool Hunter’s done it all for me!

So just take my advice and check out the most stylish and fascinating office environments on the planet, courtesy of The Cool Hunter. Perhaps someday, every office will be cool!

orange office

December 15, 2010

Orance is a vibrant, inspiring color. It always makes me think of Frank Sinatra – it was Ol’ Blue Eyes’ favorite color, and he famously wore suits with an orange pocket handkerchief. At least one of his ’60s houses was decorated primarily in orange. And really, was anyone more ring-a-ding-ding vibrant than Sinatra?

A lot of folks seem to think orange is a good color for an office, and it’s not just some new designer fad as at least one of the photos I’m presenting here looks to be vintage ’60s/70s.

orange office, office furniture, cool offices

orange office, office furniture, cool offices

orange office, cool office furniture, cool offices

cool offices, orange offices, office furniture

cool offices, orange offices, office furniture

cool offices, orange offices, office furniture

orange office, office furniture, cool offices

lego boardroom table

December 2, 2010

I am absolutely blown away by this boardroom table, built by Dublin-based architects abgc for a new advertising agency called Boys and Girls:

office furniture, cool office furniture, lego furniture, funky office furniture

At first glance, I didn’t realize that this table was so painstakingly crafted from individual Legos, but check out one of the closeup shot! This table brings new meaning to creative design, a fantastic way to include a lot of color in a space without painting walls or completely remodeling.

office furniture, cool furniture, lego furniture


office spotlight: propellernet, brighton, uk

October 28, 2010

Online marketing firm Propellernet‘s new (as of January 2010, anyway) offices interest me. No, they don’t have the quirky grandeur of Google or the exquisite smallness of artsy offices half their size. So why the interest?

contemporary office furniture, funky office furniture, cool offices

Because Propellernet decided to walk an interesting line, somewhere between the funky and the conventional. I notice the flourescent-esque lighting and the beige carpeting and yawn. But check out those brightly-colored task chairs, the open floor plan, the cool pebble seating, and, of course, that incredible grafitti.

cool offices, cool office furniture, contemporary offices

It makes me think that this would be a very achievable look for an office not quite willing to take the plunge (either image or expense-wise) towards all-out nonconformity, but still needing a bright, updated look. Besides, it seems like Propellernet’s true funkiness shines not in the office, but in the cafeteria! Check out the Pulp Fiction-inspired lunchroom:

cool offices, cool office furniture, contemporary office furniture

fancy a silver office?

October 20, 2010

I’ve been featuring color-specific offices on this blog, sure, but I’m not sure that’s what associate professor Scott Bur had in mind when he stepped into his office this past summer…

cool office, office furniture, silver office, office pranks

In an annual prank pulled by students at Gustavus Adolphus College in Minnesota, Bur’s office was completely covered in tin foil, right down to the individual pens in his cup – and one silver tissue poking up out of the box of silver Kleenex. While it’s not the only foil-centric office prank of this nature, it certainly may be the largest. (Other similar pranks have almost exclusively been performed on cubicles.) Still, it surprises me that it got coverage in as large and prestigious a publication as The Guardian!

I’m happy to say that OfficeFurnitureZone does offer at least one item in silver to bring some of Scott Bur’s aesthetic home to you. The popular ModZ contemporary office chair – in silver – is decidedly unique, and you don’t have to envelope it in kitchen wrap to get that silver appeal.

silver office chairs, contemporary office chairs, cool chairs

yellow office

September 30, 2010

Maybe purple’s a weird color for an office.  But in feng shui, yellow is considered auspicious, and represents motion, warmth, and friendliness, among other things. Too much yellow can be anxiety-producing, but I think these examples of yellow offices (including one rather famous one) successfully avoid that predicament. What do you think?

offices, office furniture, yellow office

office, yellow office, office furniture

yellow office, office, office furniture

office, yellow office, office furniture

office, office furniture, yellow office

office, yellow office, office furniture

the color purple

August 26, 2010

In feng shui (which you may see me reference again on this blog), purple is not a color one would traditionally use for an office space. It’s usually associated with spiritual awareness, so it might make a better choice for a meditation room than a place full of papers and computers. Still, I’m rather fond of these various examples of purple office spaces, home and corporate alike. In many instances, the color lavender is used instead for a gentler effect. Could you work effectively in a purple office?

happy st. patrick’s day . . .

March 17, 2010

. . . For those of you who celebrate it!

(image found here)

Good luck (o’ the Irish) today in your office travels and general doings!


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